Tips For Separation

I’ve had lots of owners expressing concern on their pups developing separation issues post lock down.  

I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight a few simple tips:

Keep comings and goings calm and low key

Ditch the food bowl and only feed through interactive toys

Give your pup a chew/stuffed Kong and practice leaving for short periods

Return to your pup and feed a few treats in addition to the chew

Start to increase the distance and duration you’re away

This will teach your pup that when you go, you come back

If they become distressed, reduce the distance/duration next time

Spend time in another room, incorporate this into your daily routine

Exercise them at the start of the day (a tired dog is a happy dog)

Try a plugin diffuser such as ADAPTIL which releases calming pheromones

Look at our Amazon Puppy Equipment Wishlist for some great ideas on chews and toys, click HERE.

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