New Rapid Recall Online Course

Very excited to announce our new RAPID RECALL ⚡️ online course!!

For owners who want really reliable recall.. With summer on the way and the parks busier than ever.. wouldn’t it be nice to let your dog off lead and be confident that even around lots of distractions they come back when called? 🐕

To introduce this new course, strictly for ONE WEEK ONLY, you can get the whole five week course for just £20!!

Having your dog come back first time, every time, for the rest of their life, is well worth £20 of anyone’s money 😁

I’m going to share with you all the best exercises and tips I’ve built up over the years, so you can easily achieve this too🤘🏻

I’ve even included some fun activities you can play with your poochy, that will really help to train impressive recall you can show off about 🐶

Enrolment is now open, don’t miss out on this amazing offer! Sign up now @ and let’s get training 🙂🐾

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