IMPORTANT INFO: Avoid Horizontal Strap Harnesses

Avoid Horizontal Strap Harnesses

Important Information About Harnesses: A strap across the chest (such as the popular Julius K9) reduces shoulder movement significantly and can cause serious joint and mobility issues for your dog.

Imagine strapping a belt around your chest and shoulder and trying to use your arms as normal, it would be difficult and painful.

Take a look at this video which shows how a harness with a strap across the chest and shoulders can affect the way your dog walks:

Think of the long term implications of this. If you know someone with one, please share this info 🙏🏻

Over the last few months, I have tried and tested a variety of harnesses to find the best one for my dog and to recommend to the HPDT Family.

If you would like your dog fitted with a Y-Shape Ruffwear harness, it’s much better to get them fitted in person, rather than buy online. Plus we’re offering £5 off to ensure you have the best equipment (you will not find them cheaper anywhere else).

Please feel free to pop down to any of our classes and we will happily get the right fit for your pooch 🐾

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