New Virtual Classes During Lockdown

HPDT Virtual Puppy School

With no end in sight at the moment for restrictions to be easing, we appreciate dog owners still need support, training and socialisation opportunities for their pooch.

Therefore we will be running virtual classes and helping you to arrange essential socialisation opportunities in a safe way within your group.

Although we appreciate owners love having the face to face classes, virtual classes are a lot easier from a training point of view. There are no distractions, so teaching your pup new skills will be more effective.

Once your pup has met their new class mates on screen, you will then get access to your exclusive WhatsApp group to enable you to arrange safe 1:1 play dates to cover the socialisation aspect.

Especially for more sensitive pups, meeting on a 1:1 basis is actually ideal, as you can build their confidence with a variety of pups without overwhelming them.

You will get plenty of opportunities to ask questions, along with access to our online videos which cover each exercise to help you train the perfect pup.

Sessions are very relaxed, you don’t have to dress up (I won’t : ). It’s a great way to provide your dog some mental stimulation under lockdown.

For full details of classes, please complete an inquiry on our Contacts page. We look forward to seeing you on screen soon!

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