Killer Kong Video

FREE TRAINING VIDEO: Killer Kong 🤘🏻 Does your dog eat too quick? Do they suffer for separation issues? Are they too energetic? Take the Killer Kong challenge and send me your videos 🐾 If you know any owners who would benefit from this, please feel free to share xx

Garden Recall Training Video

Is your dog barking, digging, chewing things in your garden? Or will they JUST NOT come in? I’ve been in the same boat, which is why I’ve recorded this short training video to help. Using a quick and effective technique, please let me know how you get on X

Free Training Video: How To Train A ‘Release’ Cue

Here is a free training video on how to train a ‘Release‘ cue.  This is a great behaviour to train, as it signals your dog, they can relax.  Here are a few useful scenarios when I would cue ‘Release‘:   If I ask for a stationary position, such as ‘Sit‘, I can then say ‘Release‘ […]

Recommended Reading

One of the first dog training books I read was ‘Don’t Shoot The Dog‘ by Karen Pryor.  This was my bible when studying to be a dog trainer.  Not just a brilliant book on learning the best positive techniques to train your dog, but also a fascinating and helpful book on positive reinforcement which can […]

Why I never train a dog to ‘Stay’

Growing up I have always used the cues ‘Stay’ or ‘Wait’ to indicate to my dogs to remain in position.   But why?  Why do we feel it necessary to add in the word ‘Stay’?  If you’ve asked your poochy to ‘Sit’ surely you expect them to remain there until you give a further cue, such […]

Free Training Video: How To Train ‘Still’

This is a free training video on how to train ‘Still’.  This is such a useful behaviour to train, to aid with handling, vet checks, grooming and can also be used with ecitable pooches to establish a calm state.  If you like it, please share it x

Top 3 Tips Before You Bring Pup Home

Crate The crate should be situated within easy walking distance to the spending area.  It should be big enough for your pup to stand, stretch & turn around, with a ceramic water bowl one end and VetBed, towel or a blanket the other end.  Cover half the crate with a blanket to create a dark […]