Phone Consultations

Professional guidance, support and advice

Phone Consultations


For immediate advice, we offer Phone Consultations. This can be over voice or video.  Where a home visit might not be necessary or you are simply looking for guidance, our professional trainers can offer you support at a time to suit you.

Classes can add multiple distractions and be quite an intense environment for some dogs.  When learning or developing any skills, whether you are human or dog, it is always best to start in a comfortable, familiar environment with no distractions.  

These consultations are a perfect way to start training your dog immediately, using the best practices and proven techniques.


Getting a new puppy is exciting. Having your home ‘pup ready’ and knowing best practices for the first few nights and weeks is invaluable to provide both parties the best experience.

We will go through areas such as toilet training (don’t use the pads : ), sleeping at night, introducing the crate and early socialisation experiences to ensure your new pup is off to a great start!

Phone Consultation Prices

Consultation Package £35

Includes up to one hour video/audio call and one thirty minute follow up call.  Plus three weeks access to our Members area containing lots of tips and over thirty training videos to support you.

Single Consultation £25

Includes one thirty minute video/audio call and one weeks free access to our Members area.

If you’re not sure which service is right for you and your four-legged friend, just contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs to ensure we can offer the right service for you!