Our puppy Hugo has completed puppy school and has just completed his first week at high school. Heath makes all classes fun but very informative. He is clearly passionate about what he does and his methods of positive reinforcement have worked wonders with Hugo. He has a very down to earth style which makes you feel very comfortable and confident that you can continue your training at home after class has finished. The classes have improved Hugo’s confidence massively and I would recommend Heath to anyone


I found Heath online and contacted him first via email. As it was lockdown we couldn't have Heath visit us at home for a puppy kickstart but instead we had an hour phone consultation which really helped us as first time puppy owners; giving us the basics to start before we could finally go to puppy school. Again, due to covid-19 classes were outside instead of a hall BUT actually this was probably better as the dogs had more space to run and play after class and during playtime. I hadn't realised that puppy school was so more about the socialisation than the learning of commands although of course that was part of it and having now started High School can really see why Hudson needed the socialisation aspect so that now he is able to concentrate more on the more instructional nature of High School- but it is still relaxed and no pressure.
I feel so much more confident and relaxed as a new dog owner and know that Heath's Method's make total sense and are positive and reward based. He is always willing to answer texts and emails and the network of fellow owners is great for asking advice and meeting up for play dates.
Would recommend Heath's training.


I took my pup phoenix to both set of puppy classes which help him learn all the training he needed to start the best journey of his life but not only well behaviour his also very good at knowing when it OK to socialise or when he need to wait. I don't think phoenix would be as happy today and we'll trained if he didn't go to the puppy classes it was money we'll spent and if I ever got another fog I would also take them to heaths training classes as they was fantastic


I would highly recommend Heath’s Personal Dog Training (HPDT)!

Heath has been an integral part of training six or seven dogs that are owned by myself, family and close friends. These dogs have some of the best recall I have seen, and follow other commands as given by their owners.

Heath is a Guide Dog puppy training supervisor, and uses this experience and enthusiasm for dogs to create an all-inclusive and friendly environment in which to train your dogs. He is happy to go above and beyond and even do home visit if required to get your dog to the standard you want.

Heath also brings his own dog, Bear to the training classes to demonstrate all techniques and a bench mark of how your dog could be with continual repetition and active approach to your dogs training. Although Heath is a great trainer it’s clear that Bear is the star of the show, and does all of the work (but is suitably rewarded with loads of treats and belly rubs!).

An extra element to the training which Heath offers which I have not seen anywhere else, is a monthly social walk for all previous and current members of his classes. This is a great feature and means you can keep in contact with the dogs and owners within your training class and see the dogs grow up and make new friends.

Cannot recommend Heath & Bear enough.


We went to heath for help in training our puppy labrador cooper , it was the best thing we ever done, heath is so knowledgeable, being a nervous first time lab owner, I was asking so many questions and heath answered everyone with a smile, also there for you, and my lab cooper is so well trained now, thank you so much heath your amazing

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