Heath came to see us and our 9 week old GSD Freyja on the 20th March. His training tips are invaluable. `


I have a fairly nutty 6-month old cocker spaniel puppy and we have done Heath's pre school and just finishing the foundation course. Whilst our girl is still a bit of a loon, the positive training techniques that Heath has taught us are fantastic - she has low concentration in class as she's so excited so the weekly reviews and onus to train at home suits us perfectly and is really working. She has brilliant recall already (which many people comment on over the park) and great name response. We've enjoyed Heath's classes but even better can see how they're working with Maggie every day. Thanks so much Heath.


I work as a vet so I meet quite a few dog trainers at work. When a 5-6month old pup turned up one day as a stray we adopted it, but were quickly feeling overwhelmed by trying to train our naughty new dog. My work colleagues recommended HPDT. Heath came to our house and we went to pre-school and Heath made us really believe that we could succeed! He is kind, understanding and empowering and our little boy Stanley is already so much calmer, better behaved and happier after six weeks of having him. We have signed up for the next level of classes and I know that he is going to do great! Thanks Heath!


Having extensively researched all the dog classes available in the area. Heath's service stood out because of his outlook and philosophy in training dogs. Heath came to our house for a home visit and was absolutely brilliant with Tom, who was only 9 weeks old at the time. He's an incredibly personable trainer and as well as being very knowledgeable is so easy to talk to about your pet's needs. We completed the Puppy Foundation course this week and Tom had a whale of a time. He picked up tips and tricks really quickly and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know lots of new canine friends. Heath makes you feel like our dog is incredibly special and works with you as a group and individually whilst at class. It's clear heat his very passionate about his job and loves working with the dogs at his classes. Highly recommend enrolling on his classes and his home visits!


"I did a lot of research into Dog Trainers in the area and read such great reviews about Heath HPDT from his previous clients, so I arranged a home visit for me and my puppy Lola, who is a very friendly but excitable Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Heath (HPDT) is very friendly and clearly an experienced and amazing trainer, who is very talented and passionate about what he does. Lola responded to him instantly and he was great with her. He had an easy, natural way of explaining things and I really liked his kind, caring approach to training.

The hour session I had with Heath at home was great. I was surprised how much we learnt in the time and how much of a improvement it has made since Heaths visit. I came away with a much better understanding of my puppy's behavior and my approach to training her has totally changed. It gave me a great foundation and confidence to start our training on the right foot and she has improved massively.

We also did the Puppy Class/Foundation class with Heath which has proved invaluable. We have so many positive comments about how well behaved she is for her age and breed. Like anything we still have some practice to do so you have to be dedicated, but if your willing to put in the work and listen to his advice you will see the rewards.

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