Heath has a gentle manner with him that puts owners and dogs at ease
Training is in fun but constructive he takes the time to ensure every member of the class feels their is nothing wrong with everyone progressing at their own rate Heaths experience working with guide dogs shines though and with Bear by his side we can see what we are aiming to achieve
Heath also takes the time to,ask each member if a problem or concern has
Raised its self since the last class then will explain how to correct the problem
Heath always reminds the class that
These are pups or young dogs and not to expect to much from them to soon.
Heath is far the best dog trainer l would highly recommend his classes.
I feel that my Berty has grown and will continue to grow into a well mannered
Dog as we continue with his training at home after he completed High school


Bertie has been lucky enough to have a home visit from Heath and then went on to complete Puppy School and High School. Heath’s focus on positive affirmation in his training methods is brilliant and made both us humans and Bertie really enjoy the whole process. We feel well equipped to continue to focus on learning and development for Bertie. He is slowly emerging in to a well mannered and focussed hound! Thanks to Heath and Bear for helping us on this journey. X


Just had a fantastic home visit from Heath...we are now much better equipped to provide our puppy with a safe and stimulating environment in which to grow. We are now looking forward to the puppy training classes.


Our golden retriever puppy, Salty, has just completed Heath's 5-week puppy class and we would highly recommend him and the classes. Salty (and we!) have learned so much and have grown together thanks to Heath's positive teaching methods. Having Bear (his dog) to demonstrate everything has encouraged us to keep practising and aspire to try and achieve those wonderful standards!


Berty and l have just completed our puppy class with Heath and Bear
Heath makes classes full of fun not only for the pups but the owners
Praises all round encouragement
Time taken with easy tasks and lots of lots of play time for the pups to Interact together Heath makes everyone feel at ease and has a very gentle manner with the pups and owners classes are a very happy place to be.
Thankyou Cryssie and berty

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