Berty and l have just completed our puppy class with Heath and Bear
Heath makes classes full of fun not only for the pups but the owners
Praises all round encouragement
Time taken with easy tasks and lots of lots of play time for the pups to Interact together Heath makes everyone feel at ease and has a very gentle manner with the pups and owners classes are a very happy place to be.
Thankyou Cryssie and berty


We have just completed 5 weeks High School with our 17months old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Frankie. He's learnt so much and so have we !!! Heath makes it interesting and fun for dogs and owners. Lessons start with simple tasks to learn and then slowly progresses using plenty of treats and praise all the time, making it fun for all.
Thanks Heath, we will continue to use your methods and hopefully Frankie will continue to improve and become a well behaved dog as well as being happy and still full of character.
Thanks again, Heath, we wish you and Bear all the best.


Many thanks for your time and advice, it has been helpful and beneficial


Our lab/retriever cross completed the five week puppy class just before Christmas. The classes have been relaxed and informative, Heath's teaching style is very easy going and his passion for dogs is evident. The classes begin with very basic behaviors increasing as the weeks go by. One of the most useful aspects is the socialisation period when half the class takes it in turn to socialise, ending up with the whole class participating. This has resulted in our puppy being very well behaved around unfamiliar dogs and has prompted a lot of positive comments about her behavior. I have already recommended Heath numerous times to people who do or are contemplating owning a puppy. We are enrolled for the next phase of her training which begins next month, another five week course building on the foundations of the first. We both enjoy using the training from the classes on a daily basis, this is both fun for us and our pup. Heath has prepared numerous videos and reading material for owners to refer to, these are very useful and help to remind us of the correct way in which to train our pup.

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