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Heath paid us a home visit when Arthur our Labradoodle was 9 weeks old. He told us how to toilet train Arthur and he was clean in a couple of weeks. We went on to attend Puppy &Foundation classes & although Arthur was extremely excitable at class we found the videos invaluable at home. Heath came again last week to help with heel work. After the session I felt much more confident. He has improved already When Heath says he is there to support you he means it!
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We have a new puppy and Heath was recommended by a friend. We had a personal hone visit and it was great. Heath was very professional and enthusiastic. You get the impression when he is talking that he could train any dog. He has very high standards and expectations and he communicates very clearly, really understanding dog's behaviour . We are really looking forward to puppy classes soon!
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Had our first meeting with Heath yesterday and learnt so much already and have booked Teddy into puppy pre school classes and can't wait . We are changing so much already including good and how we feed Teddy . I think this is the best decision we have made thankyou Heath !!
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i have a 4 month Cavapoo , since attending classes run my Heath we have learnt so much and my puppy has enjoyed the training sessions. Would highly recommend Heath's training methods .
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We have a 6 month old cocker spaniel who met heath when she was only 9 weeks old - she fell in love with him instantly. We have learnt so much from Heath and so has Lola. She's a working dog who at first wouldn't even stop long enough to itch, let alone walk on a loose lead. Thanks to Heath, we can now walk round the block on a loose lead, with Lola's bum hitting the floor on every 'sit' and her belly hits the floor on every 'down' (most of the time.. we're still practicing). The PDF's and video's provided to owners are invaluable also. Anyone who doesn't choose Heath to help them train their dog is missing out, we have truly got the best from Lola thanks to Heath.

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