Heath came for a home visit and highly recommend you take this option as we learnt so much in that hour.

Puppy class was great and Misty has improved so much.

Classes are great and a positive experience for both puppy and owner.

Thank you Heath and we can't wait for the foundation course.

Paul and Georgia Courtney.


We contacted Heath when we got our 10 week old border collie pup Pepper. She hated the crate and barked and cried (amongst other interesting noises!) all night and day, and after two weeks of persevereing, we simply couldnt take any more (Im sure the neighbours felt the same!) Heath came and taught us some great tips and tricks to encourage Pepper to be calmer in her crate and actually consider it a good thing to go in there. Within just a couple of days she was tons better and within a week, was quiet through the night. These days, Pepper will gladly take herself into her crate as soon as you say 'bed' and settle down to sleep instantly. Just one visit made our lives so much easier and Pepper so much happier - and it was because of that, that we joined the puppy pre-school classes and still use some of the tips and tricks we learnt today! Thanks for all your help!


My papillon dolly just completed her foundation course, she's improved so much in just 5 weeks, we have picked up so many new techniques. Heath is very professional and I highly recommend hpdt


Gino is a 5 month old Standard poodle, and really enjoyed his training at the puppy classes, we both learned a great deal and continue to use your tips! Gino' s recall is first rate thanks to the tip about primula cheese! He is able to play off lead in the park, also his
walking in harness has improved greatly so we enjoy our walks. He is fantastic in the house an absolute pleasure to own.Thank you for your help and tips.

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