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Heath really explained all there was to know in detail clearly and it helped a lot. Highly recommend him
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We had Heath round for a home visit to see if we could get some tips and information as to training our puppy. Very informative and can see the benefits of his advice already, the training regime he has provided I'm sure will help anyone with their dogs.
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We have never owned a dog before and so did not know what to expect with regards to training a puppy. We found Heath to be very friendly and informative. He arrived at our house with lots of equipment to show us the correct things to use. He didn't just overwhelm us with information, but instead showed us and made sure we could demonstrate we had listened and understood before leaving us. We have since found the information pack and guide (emailed to us that same day as the home visit) very useful. We are looking forward to puppy pre-school!
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Really enjoyed 1/1 Heath was straight to the point which all made sense
Believe the classes will do both my dog and I good so look forward to 19th oct
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A great learning experience. Rory and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we both benefited hugely from classes. It was good to meet similar minded owners and compare notes. We liked the whole package including homework assignments, detailed worksheets and training videos which help guide you in the right direction. While we have much to do, Heath's attitude and approach have provided an invaluable positive base and we will take lifelong learnings which will stay with us.
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dylan and i both enjoyed a home visit puppy classes and foundation. it has taught me the right way to approach things and dylan is doing great thanks heath

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