Dog Training At Home

Personalised one on one training sessions in your dogs most comfortable environment

Virtual Consultation

Please note: All services may be slightly different during restrictions.  Please email to find out what we currently offer.

Since COVID, we are all changing the way we live and work.  The phone consultation is EXACTLY the same as the home visit, except you can sit in your PJ’s and not worry about doing your hair.  Plus by working remotely, we are also helping to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment!

Our focus is always helping owners to train their dog.  As it’s the day-to-day training by the humans in your dogs life that counts, as opposed to an hour with a dog trainer or at a class.

So it really makes no difference at this stage whether we conduct this in your home or over the phone.  It is so beneficial to have some 1:1 time, to discuss all areas of training and answer any questions you may have.  

Whether you have owned dogs before, you will always get better results with some professional guidance. 

After the session you have have a free trial to the HPDT Members area and will receive a £5 Discount on any of our online courses.  

It’s half the price of the home visit and you even get a free follow up!

Virtual Consultation Price

1x hr & 30minute follow up Special Offer, Just £35

(usually £80)

Includes free trial to the HPDT Members area, £5 Off any Online Courses to compliment your session.

Check out our new online courses that cover loose lead walking, recall and jumping up. From just £25!

'Kick Start' Home Visits (currently unavailable)

If your dog’s training needs a service, our most popular Kick Start home visits are a great way to quickly get things on track!

These comprehensive sessions are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to train your dog in a variety of areas that will last a lifetime and you will both enjoy.

Whether you’re a human or dog, learning new skills is always so much easier away from distractions. Plus the most common issues stem from the household. So why not start in your pets most comfy place, the home!

Both of you will be able to concentrate whilst we kick start training!

Kick Start Prices

1hr Visit £80 / 1.5hr Visit £110

Additional Visits £60

Includes free trial to our HPDT Members Area, with lots of tips and training videos, free mileage up to ten miles and a premium bag of treats to help you kick start training!

All home visits include a free trial to our HPDT Members area
+ free mileage up to 10 miles!

Quick Fix Home Visit (currently unavailable)

Sometimes owners just need help with a specific area of training. This is why we have developed our value Quick Fix home visit. Whether your dog thinks it’s hilarious to run away or greets people like a kangaroo.

This is a one stop shop to target a specific training area. They are concise and aim to give you all the skills you need to resolve the issue. We will be straight in, no mucking around and down to business so you can make some quick and effective changes!

Quick Fix Prices

30 minutes £60

Includes free trial to our HPDT Members area, with lots of tips and training videos and free mileage up to ten miles.

If you’re not sure which service is right for you and your four-legged friend, just contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs to ensure we can offer the right service for you!