With summer upon us and the parks busier than ever, wouldn’t it be nice to let your dog off lead and be confident that even around lots of distractions they come back when called?

For owners who want really reliable recall.  This five week course will give you such level of detail you will not find anywhere else, to ensure you achieve the very best results!

Many owners think taking their dog to a class is usually the answer.  In my experience that’s actually the hardest place for your dog to learn new skills. 

With our Rapid Recall online course, you will learn all of the techniques we use with service dogs, along with the best exercises and tips I’ve built up over the years, so you can easily achieve this too.

I’ve even included some fun activities you can play with your poochy, that will really help to train impressive recall you can show off about!

The course is yours to keep forever, so you can always refer back for a refresher.  You will get immediate access to the whole course, five weeks is a suggested time line, however you can work through at your own pace.

The whole five week course is usually £50.  We know times are tight at the moment with the cost of living, so we are currently offering a massive 50% discount to help.

Check out our promotional video above and course content.

Recent Review:

I was sceptical about doing online dog training.  I thought, I might as well search for videos on YouTube and get them free. However I decided to take a chance and paid for Rapid Recall.  I was really impressed how it is broken down into weekly lessons.  Bodie is picking it up really well and it’s made me feel happier about his potential to become a really well trained dog, money well spent. ” D. Johns, Harlow.

Rapid Recall