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We had our puppy home session with Heath today. Such clever and what now seems obvious advice. I’ve passed on as much info to my husband and children when they got home and the difference already is amazing. I can’t wait to carry on with the training and see the results continue. Thanks so much Heath
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We had our Home Visit from Heath last week and found it to be extremely helpful and informative. Molly is our first puppy and our training methods were based on 'Google' some of which was ok but an awful lot wasn't. Heath has given us the tools to help Molly become a happy well trained dog. We are really looking forward to the puppy training classes and if you are looking for someone to teach you how to train your puppy then we highly recommend Heath.
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Thank you Heath for all your training tips at both the puppy and high school classes. We both found them very useful and will continue to use them when training Barney and Elvis going forward. I would recommend your classes to anyone with a new puppy. Excellent advice and really enjoyable too.

Mandy Evans.

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I wrote in my first review that we would do High School a second time,and we have completed it a second time.
Heath is just Brilliant in his training.
If you are looking on here and thinking about going to his classes....DO IT
I 100% recommend Heath Ross Dog Training.
Tasha would not be as well trained without these two High Schools.
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Ernie and I have now completed both the Puppy and High school courses and both of us have had a great time. Ernie particularly enjoyed the interaction with the other students.

As a new dog owner the sessions have been invaluable for not only training but learning to understand what's going on in Ernie's head.

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Shadow and I have learnt so much in a fun way, there was no rules with Heath just good fun training, very impressed.

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