Does your dog suffer from selective hearing? Can your arm withstand much more pulling? Our four week Outstanding Obedience online course is here to help. 

The course features an array of obedience exercises to train the model pooch. Especially a great technique for loose lead walking.

I’ve broken it down into bite-size, easy steps and will be with you all the way! So you will achieve a high standard of obedience, that’s fun for you AND your dog.

Many owners think taking their dog to a class is usually the answer.  In my experience that’s actually the hardest place for your dog to learn new skills. 

Using all the latest and most effective techniques and methods. Rather than random YouTube videos, this structured course is your one stop shop to get a well-trained dog.  You have everything you could wish for under one roof and yours to keep forever so you can always refer back for a refresher.  

The whole four week course is usually £50.  We know times are tight at the moment with the cost of living, so we are currently offering a massive 50% discount to help.

You will get immediate access to the whole course, four weeks is a suggested time line, however you can work through at your own pace.  Check out our promotional video above and course content.

Recent Review:

I bought this for my 8 month old cockapoo and it’s made so much difference as he likes to do things at his own pace so I can keep referring back to this” N.Weiss, London UK

Outstanding Obedience