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An excellent opportunity to develop your dogs obedience

Dog 'High School' in Hertford

Would you like to take your dog for a walk with your shoulder joint in tact?  Minimise your dog launching at unsuspecting people in the street?  How about a dog who actually comes back when you call, regardless of a picnic ten meters in the distance?

I’m going to be straight, that is going to take a lot of hard work, time and consistency.  But I’ll show you the best techniques to help you, and together, we will strive toward that goal.

With professional guidance you’ll get there sooner rather than later.  Investing in your dogs training will pay off ten fold and we’ll have some fun along the way!

Here is an example of the things we will cover:

You may have to miss a session or forget some of the exercises (especially when you have a dog to concentrate on).  So in addition to the class you will also receive weekly reviews and access to our HPDT Members area.

This will provide you with lots of tips and videos to every exercise in each session, so you are supported even away from class and you will never miss out!

Many dog’s will find a class environment too arousing.  If they can’t do the behaviours 1:1, a hall full of other dogs is going to be counter productive. 

I want to help you achieve your goals.  Most emails I receive are owners wanting loose lead walking and recall training.  We all want that, it’s The Big Two : )

With no prior training, classes are like learning to drive in central London, rush hour.  

When you’re at the point your dog can mirror, signal, manoeuvre without thinking, then you’re ready to go forth into classes.

We learn new skills best with no distractions (like my example on learning to drive).  The more you practice, the better you get, the more you can challenge yourself. 

Classes once a week is a drop in the ocean.  You wouldn’t expect to go to the gym once a week and get much results? (I wish you could!! : ).

Having some one on one training will set you and your dog up for success, by establishing strong behaviours first without the multitude of distractions at classes.  

Think how puzzling a car was when you first began lessons.  Now, you don’t even think about it.  That’s what we want for you and your dog.  You both know what you’re doing to the point it’s off by heart and well practiced, you don’t have to think to much.

Owners always thank me for advising them to put some ground work in first, before classes.  Check out our 1:1 Consultations or Online Courses page.

I appreciate purse strings are tight at the moment (it’s ridiculous).  So I created our Online Courses as a cheaper (and just as beneficial) alternative to 1:1’s & Classes.

They will go through everything we would on a home visit, phone call or class with the added benefit the videos are yours to keep forever, which are really handy to refer back to.

Yes you can YouTube random videos (a lot of which are questionable).  But these are proper structured courses.  You will learn all of the techniques we use at Guide Dogs to achieve the best results.  

They are instant access, so you can start training immediately and start from just £25!  Or you can have the lot for just £45!

Hear what other owners have to say, check out our Reviews page or Facebook.  You can also watch the promotional video of our classes on the About page.

Services are not currently bookable online.  In order to book, simply drop us an inquiry stating your dogs name, age, sex, breed and exactly what you would like to achieve.


We can then direct you to the best service and send you payment methods.

High School Price

5 Week Course: £95

Advanced bookings only

Price includes all five sessions, free access to the HPDT Members area, weekly videos and reviews.

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