Good Dogs Growl

Recently I’ve had lots of owners concerned that their pup/dog has growled at children, people, dogs, when being moved or approached. This short info video explains why you should NEVER punish growling and why, Good Dogs Growl! Feel free to share 🐾 x

Free Puppy Play Guide

Calling all puppy owners! We wanted to tell you about the **Puppy Play Guide** just launched by our friends at Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear. It’s packed with expert advice on everything from why play with your pup is so important to the best techniques for puppy play AND it includes the lowdown on their brand new […]

Free Training Video For Loose Lead Walking

This is a great little exercise to help with loose lead walking. The idea being if you can train your dog to walk next to you WITHOUT a harness and lead, when you add this equipment in, life is going to be much easier! You can easily add practice this training a few times a […]

Free Training Video: Harness

Putting your dogs harness on can be challenging. They can back away, run off, become scared and even growl. So here’s a quick, no faff way, to get the harness on without chasing you dog round the house AND builds a positive association at the same time This video is taken from our new online […]

Food Delivery Training Video

We often use food to reinforce our dogs for good behaviour. Obviously it’s important they are not SNATCHING them out of our hands. So here’s a quick training video who food delivery x


A simple but effective training tip to try on your walk today. Really does help to train your pooch to stick closer to you Have a go, would love to see your videos! x

Free Training Video -‘Find The Crate’

For all free training videos, go to our News section and click on Tips! How to teach your dog to find their crate or bed: STEP ONE: Feed In Crate STEP TWO: Feed With Door Closed STEP THRE: Add distance & Reward Duration STEP FOUR: Add Release Cue ‘Go Free’ & ‘Find The Crate’ As […]

HPDT Puppy Equipment Wishlist

Choosing the right equipment for your puppy is essential in providing both pups and owners the best possible experienced. Bear and I have done all the hard work for you and narrowed down the absolute best items I’ve used over the years. It includes interactive toys, treats, slow feeders, food, leads, chews.  Have a look, […]

Tips For Separation

I’ve had lots of owners expressing concern on their pups developing separation issues post lock down.   I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight a few simple tips: Keep comings and goings calm and low key Ditch the food bowl and only feed through interactive toys Give your pup a chew/stuffed Kong and […]

Killer Kong Video

FREE TRAINING VIDEO: Killer Kong 🤘🏻 Does your dog eat too quick? Do they suffer for separation issues? Are they too energetic? Take the Killer Kong challenge and send me your videos 🐾 If you know any owners who would benefit from this, please feel free to share xx